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Mallory Airport is in a unique location.  We are located on the side of a mountain with a 1904' x 24' curved runway.  There are mountains above both ends of the runway with a valley that runs beside the runway.  This creates constantly shifting winds, and EVERY landing reaches a point where pilots have to make a "go" or "no go" situation.  We have changing weather with 4 seasons, so students learn to make realistic decisions regarding weather safety.  Navy combat pilots have asked us for instruction, because they say it is more difficult to land at Mallory Airport than it is to land aboard an aircraft carrier.  In short, if you can fly at Mallory Airport, you can fly anywhere!



We are an FAA Part 61 Flight School, and the busiest in the region.  We do not offer flat rate flight training, or guaranteed airman rating completion dates.  Mallory does offer discounts of up to 18% for prepayment of $500.00 or more.  You can also get gift certificates for the aviator in your life for Christmas, or any other occasion.  We tailor our instruction to the individual needs of each student.  Our instructors make sure that each student moves on when they are ready and able, and not before.  

Mallory Instructors teach basic flying skills that are often forgotten by schools that are primarily interested in hurrying as many students through their program as quickly as possible.  At Mallory you will learn the importance of looking outside of the cockpit.  You will understand that the instruments are your primary source of information only in instrument flying conditions.  

At Mallory you will learn how to use the rudder.  Far too many pilots, and instructors, do not understand the importance of this device.  While it is possible to take off then fly to a destination and land without using the rudder.  It is impossible to handle high winds, short fields, competently maneuver the airplane, emergencies, and keep your passengers comfortable without using the rudder.

The mountainous terrain in our area forces students to deal with changing wind and weather conditions, mountain waves, and wind shear.  Once a pilot learns to deal with these forces of nature, the comparatively steady wind and weather conditions of flat terrain are a breeze to handle.

To become an expert pilot you need experienced instructors that will accept nothing less than excellence from their students, as our history demonstrates.  You will not find a better school to master the intricacies of flight than Mallory Flight School.

If you want to be the best pilot you can be, then contact us for more information and details on rates.